Welcome to Bliss Yoga Studio

  At Bliss Yoga Studio our focus is on wellness and health. We care about both your mental, and physical health.     
   Our goal is to play a small part in facilitating the entire spectrum   of well being everyone of us can achieve.
Yoga is intended to still the mind. We all tend to drift off into our busy schedules, always thinking of our past or future aware of the responsibilities we have. During yoga practice, you move your body and breath gaining an awareness of your own body. This awareness brings you back to your body, while it draws your mind back to the present. Each time you come to the present moment, you drop a certain amount of baggage or stress. The catch is, you may pick it up again...however, you have (even if it was only for a short time, 75min. class) practiced letting it go. This practice of letting go doesn't make us irresponsable or cause us to neglect our duties. It allows us to be the baggage fee best version of ourselves!
Bliss Yoga Studio is a warm comfortable studio for beginners, experienced yogis, fitness buffs, and newbies to the potentially intimidating world of fitness and sportswear.
We welcome everyone who is striding towards wellness and balance in their lives. Stop by, have a cup of tea, join our book club, do a little yoga. Treat yourself to some, "me" time.
Reconnect with your true self.



Bliss Yoga Studio Kennett Square
Bliss Yoga Studio Kennett Square
Bliss Yoga Studio Kennett Square
Bliss Yoga Studio Kennett Square
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