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  1. Spinal Renewal
    Spinal Renewal
    During this class you will move through Hatha yoga poses, setting your own pace while listening to your body. You will use different leg alignments to release tensions in the muscles spanning from your legs through your hips and into your lower spinal muscles. The effect is the release of the spinal tensions, which changes your whole body. (In a good way!) We will use arm positions to release any tension around the ribs, shoulders, and neck. Each class will finish with a (8min.) Guided Awareness Meditation to allow you to rest in the mind body connection you have just created.
  2. Yoga Tone
    Yoga Tone
    In this class you will focus on centering your breath to create balance in your body. This balance will allow you to then focus on pure strength training. You will use hand weights to strengthen your arms, arm balance poses to add strength to your arms, abs, buns and legs. You will cultivate your strength, stamina, and flexibility while appreciating what your body IS capable of doing! Your combinations of strength, stamina, and flexibility are essential to the health and well being of your body, as well as being useful and challenged in your life.
  3. Bliss Barre
    Bliss Barre
    Chanel your inner ballerina while expanding stamina and endurance with a series of isometric strength training movements. Challenge your body through reps of small range of motion movements without ever bringing high impact to those possible danger zone areas (aka knees and shoulders). These isometric movements will help strengthen muscles without straining tendons or ligaments.
  4. Soak Up The Sun Vinyasa
    Soak Up The Sun Vinyasa
    A specific sequence of poses that is repeated the same way and in the same order each time is called a vinyasa. Vinyasa (pronounced "vin-yaa-sa") You will move through a series of poses including Sun Salutations, becoming familiar with each pose, while allowing your body to learn and feel the intentions of each of these poses. Once comfortable with the poses and sequence we will repeat it again. Each time discovering a new connection with your body.
  5. Teen Yoga
    Teen Yoga
    You will begin this class by controlling your breath. This breath control will serve you well as you flow through a series of strength building poses. This outer and inner strength will encourage a healthy relationship with your body, a positive self awareness and you may even discover you really DO love homework and chores! All right, perhaps no to the loving homework and chores...Yes! To loving your strength and personal power.
  6. Children's Yoga
    Children's Yoga
    Little yogis will have a great time developing coordination, along with body awareness in an environment that is non-competitive striding to building self-confidence. Our focus will be on physical yoga poses, cooperative yoga games, crafts, and having fun while staying physically active.
  1. Learn To Meditate
    Learn To Meditate
    In this workshop we will bring your awareness to your own body while you rest comfortably in Savasana (yoga's relaxation pose). As you dive deeper into your consciousness you will be guided into a Ujjay Pranayama breath practice. The combination of Shavasana and Ujjay Pranayama has the potential to release any locked energy that may be stored inside of your body. Allowing your prana, or vital life force to freely circulate through your entire body, not to be hindered by any blockages caused by stress or tension. You will create your own quiet place to relax, release, and just be.
  2. Couples/Partner Yoga
    Couples/Partner Yoga
    WORKSHOP Spend time connecting with your favorite person while you support one another, communicating to create balance in each pose. As you both move together in synchronicity through your asanas (poses), you not only will experience a deep stretch in your muscles you will also deepen the connection with your loved one! ** Your, "favorite person" may be a romantic partner, BFF, parent/older child, or someone you hope to get to know better! **
  3. Chakra Yoga
    Chakra Yoga
    WORKSHOP Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and these "wheels" were thought of as spinning vortexes of energy. There are seven chakras, or energy centers in the body that can easily become blocked by holding tension, external situations, internal habits, low self-esteem or even daily stress. A chakra can become either deficient or excessive, and therefore imbalanced. Practicing poses that correspond with each of these chakras can release these blockages of energy bringing balance to our bodies and our minds.